• New papers on Mobile-Assisted Language Learning

    The International Research Foundation for English Language Education (TIRF) has commissioned a set of 5 papers on Mobile-Assisted Language Learning (MALL) and these are now available on their website. Some are authored by members of IAmLearn. The use of mobile technology is growing exponentially in language education, but it is clear that much more research, project evaluation, and evidence-based analysis are needed. Important questions remain about the efficacy of handheld devices in language learning. The five papers explore the current state of MALL.

  • Mobile technology & Africa - PEI consultation now open

    June 2013

    As part of the Planet Earth Institute's work developing and incubating technology in Africa, a consultation has been launched on the use of mobile technology across the continent.  The consultation is open to all interested organisations or individuals working on these issues. Alongside responses, the consultation will involve interviews and surveys of key organisations across Africa and incorporate feedback collected in live stakeholder workshops.

  • Changing Lives Through Mobile

    First Annual Conference

    Friday, June 21
    United Nations
    New York