MobiMOOC is a free, open and online course which will run from Saturday 8 September - Sunday 30 September 2012 and will focus on learning/training with mobile devices. In a MOOC everyone comes together to enhance their knowledge by entering dialogues, enhancing their networks and ... having fun while doing it.

Planned topics are as follows:

  • 8–15 Sep: mLearning intro and planning
  • 16–22 Sep: Mobile Learning Curriculum Framework; Global issues in mLearning; mLearning tools
  • 23–29 Sep: Mobile Games; Augmented Reality mLearning; Pedagogical theory, status of mLearning research; ICT4D; Train the trainer; Corporate mLearning.

The course closes on 30 September with a “special surprise”.

More information:!

Archived mLearn conference websites

Mirrors of previous mLearn sites. Please note that some dynamic content will not function as it would have done on the original site.

mLearn 2012, Helsinki, Finland
mLearn 2011, Beijing, China
mLearn 2010, Valetta, Malta
mLearn 2009, Orlando, USA

mLearn 2008, Telford, UK

mLearn 2007, Melbourne, Australia

mLearn 2006, Banff, Canada
mLearn 2005, Cape Town, South Africa

mLearn 2004, Bracciano, Rome, Italy

mLearn 2003, London, UK

mLearn 2002, Birmingham, UK


A bibliography of useful mobile learning references that can be viewed and downloaded in various formats